About Us

The Durham Area Volunteer Administrators (DAVA) is an affiliate member organization of North Carolina Association Volunteer Administration. NCAVA is a professional development organization of volunteer management professionals. The goal of the NCAVA is to increase knowledge, improve performance, provide training, and raise awareness for volunteer management programs.

When you become a member of DAVA you will receive training, education, professional growth and networking opportunities. It is our mission to promote volunteerism in our local community and to provide education, leadership, and professional development for volunteer program managers. Through workshops and training you can earn credits toward your certification as a Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina (CAVNC). When you join DAVA, you will be given professional guidance and instructions to better manage your volunteer program.

Your volunteer management team will receive tips and ideas on recruiting volunteers, making appropriate volunteer assignments and making sound cost-effective, professional decisions that will have a positive impact on your organization.

As a volunteer manager, you know that volunteers are a critical resource in our community for providing valuable services and improving quality of life. Volunteers are now more essential than ever due to the economy and budgetary cuts for many non-profit organizations. Well-organized professional management programs are essential in maximizing the volunteer’s potential and efficiency.

DAVA invites volunteer program professionals from surrounding areas to join our organization to help empower and enhance your agency’s new or existing volunteer program. As a member of DAVA, you and your organization will benefit from expert training, workshops, and networking opportunities. Your current and future volunteers will also benefit from their experience with your agency as your volunteer program grows and strengthens. Get the most out of your volunteers’ time, skills and resources for the good of your organization and our community, and join DAVA today!


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